Monday, August 04, 2014

Robin Hood Festival, Sherwood Forest, Edwinstowe, 2014

Saturday, May 03, 2014

Robin Hood and the Sheriff of Nottingham, 3rd May 2014

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Tom Ellis as Robin Hood.

Robin Hood, played by Tom Ellis, as he briefly appeared in the TV series Once Upon A Time (2013)

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Sunday, November 06, 2011

Robin Hood at the theatre, 1906.

Promo postcards from the highly successful stage play "Robin Hood", featuring Lewis Waller as Robin Hood / Earl of Huntingdon. Below: Robin gives the servant girl Adela (Dorothy Minto) his messages to Maid Marian.
For more information about "Robin Hood" the stage play, see THIS LINK.

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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Patricia Driscoll reprises her Marian role in Into the Labyrinth (1980)

Patricia Driscoll reprised her role as Maid Marian in the 1980 / 82 children’s TV series “Into the Labyrinth”. Essentially a story about three children travelling through time in search for an object of “limitless power”, one of the episodes sees them encounter an aged Robin of Loxley (Tony Wright), his wife Marian (Patricia Driscoll), and the Sheriff of Nottingham (Conrad Phillips). Driscoll was the most successful TV Maid Marian ever for her part in the long running 1950’s "Adventures of Robin Hood" (see this link), and 1980’s audiences would have instantly recognised her. Indeed, the only reason for this brief post is the long lasting affection in which she is held amongst many Robin Hood fans.

For more pictures and information on Patricia Driscoll as Maid Marian in the 1950's see THIS LINK.

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Kellogg's Robin Hood figures, c.1960

Complete set of plastic figures of Robin Hood and his merry men, each standing c.5cm high.

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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Death of Marian, (Lucy Griffiths), Robin Hood Series 2.

Above: Robin Hood, series 2. Marian (Lucy Griffiths), will eventually attempt to taunt and tame the beast Gisborne (Richard Armitage) one time too many. Below: The death of Marian.
Above: Gisborne rides off on the back of the Sheriff's horse in a scene which unmistakably mirrors that of Marian on the back of Robin Hood's horse at the end of Series 1. Below: As Marian observes, even the remarkable Djaq (Anjali Jay) can't save her this time.

Marian withdraws the blade, knowing it will mean the end.

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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Robin Hood, the silent movie versions.

Above: Robin Hood (Robert Frazer) fights a duel against an unknown stranger who turns out to be King Richard (Arthur Hollingsworth), in Robin Hood (1912). Below: Maid Marian (Barbara Tennant), Will Scarlet (Charles Hundt), Little John (Guy Oliver), and Alan A dale (George Larkin). See THIS LINK for more pics and film review.

Above: Guy of Gisborne (Paul Dickey), the Earl of Huntingdon / Robin Hood (Douglas Fairbanks), and Lady Marian (Enid Bennett), in the 1922 epic.
Above: Prince John, before an impressive film set. In 1922 Hollywood would actually build such sets for real. On the right is Friar Tuck, played by Willard Louis. For a review of Robin Hood 1922 click here.

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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Djaq, the girl outlaw, and the Night Watchman.

Above: Lucy Griffiths as the excellent Night Watchman in BBC's Robin Hood (2006)
Above: Was this the inspiration for the Night Watchman? Marian makes her entrance in disguise in "Robin Hood Prince of Thieves".
The BBC's 2006 version of Robin Hood changed the roles of many of Robin Hood characters, and dropped others altogether from the cast. But it did make two interesting innovations. Above: Djaq took over the Saracen outlaw role which had begun in the 1980's, but never as a girl before. The concept of including a female outlaw had been explored before as far back as the 1950s but, if you don't count Maid Marian, never in a permanent way. Djaq, played by Anjali Jay, entered the series having been rescued by Robin Hood's men from being put to work as a slave by the Sheriff of Nottingham. Here she is seen being tortured with acid by the Sheriff of Nottingham.
Above: Still on the theme of equal outlaw rights for the girls, the BBC also gave Maid Marian a secret identity. When Robin of Loxley left for the Crusades, long before he became Robin Hood, it seems Marian was dashing around Nottingham at night fighting for the rights of the poor. The people gave her the name of the Night Watchman, and in this way Lucy Griffiths made an excellent contribution to the annals of Robin Hood.

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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

John Arnatt, the dagger wielding Sheriff of Nottingham.

When John Arnatt took over from Alan Wheatley as the Sheriff of Nottingham in the Adventures of Robin Hood he had the difficult task of replacing an actor who had become a household name. To this day, when people think of the Sheriff of Nottingham, they think of Wheatley with his goatee beard. But Arnatt certainly rose to the challenge and made a superb dagger wielding Sheriff. Here he is distracting Robin hood from his duel by holding a dagger to Maid Marian’s throat. Something Alan Wheatley would never have done!

John Arnatt would also play the role of the Sheriff of Nottingham in Hammer's "Challenge for Robin Hood".
Too see where the Sheriff of Nottingham is said to have lived visit THIS LINK. To see his tomb slab visit THIS LINK. For more much Sheriff of Nottingham pictures and info visit THIS LINK.

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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Robin Hood double take!

Above: Alan Hale was Little John to Douglas Fairbanks, Errol Flynn, and (here) John Derek.

A Robin Hood fans' favourite pub game is listing all the times certain actors (and even props) have appeared in a Robin Hood film. Once you get started on this it can go on forever! Here are a few of many. You might like to leave a comment suggesting others you'd like to see pictured in the future.
Above and below: James Hayter was one of the best Friar Tuck's of all time in Disney's Story of Robin Hood, and he reprised the role in Challenge for Robin Hood, seen above with Alfie Bass. Hayter also appeared in the Adventures of Robin Hood as a Miller. Of course Alfie Bass also appeared in the Adventures of Robin hood, in a variety of roles, the best of which saw him being rescued by Robin in the opening episode, having been caught for poaching.
Above: Paul Eddington is best known in the United Kingdom as a comedy actor of considerable merit. ("Yes Minister", "The Good Life"). As series 3 and 4 of the Adventures of Robin Hood progressed, Eddington seemed to appear every week as a different character, some of who were splendidly dark and villainous. Sadly, when given the permanent role of Will Scarlet, he wasn't directed to sustain this darker side. But his Will Scarlet was interesting if only for the jealousies it brought out in Little John.
Above and below: John Arnatt replaced Alan Wheatley as the Sheriff of Nottingham in the Adventures of Robin Hood. It was a role he would return to in 1967's Challenge for Robin Hood, and his performances in both deserve greater recognition. Interestingly, in both productions, the Sheriff's henchman was John Harvey.
Below: Herne the Hunter was a central figure in the mystical Robin of Sherwood. John Abineri played the Pagan forest god. A decade earlier he had been Maid Marian's father in the Legend of Robin Hood.

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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Robin Hood, the darker side.

Above and below: Beyond Sherwood Forest (2009) features Alina, the cursed girl who turns into a dragon when exposed to sunlight, and goes in search of Robin Hood.
Above: The Sheriif of Nottingham consults his Witch for guidance in Robin Hood Prince of Thieves.

Below: Judi Trott as Maid Marian at the mercy of Sorcerer Baron De Belleme in Robin of Sherwood.
Will Scarlet is someone you just don't want to make angry. Above: Owen Teale uses Baron Roger Daguerre as a shield during his escape from the Castle in the excellent 1990 film Robin Hood. Below: Ray Winstone totally redefined the Will Scarlet character in Robin of Sherwood, setting a standard for those who followed.

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