Monday, July 31, 2006

Robin Hood picture selection.

Above: Little John (Archie Duncan), engages in a bit of archery practice during the 3rd series of The Adventures of Robin Hood. Maid Marian (Patricia Driscoll) is finding it difficult to get Robin's attention... Below: A rather flirty Maid Marian captures Robin Hood's attention at last with a fine shot. Patricia Driscoll had recently taken over the role from Bernadette O'Farrell.

Above: Robin Hood (Michael Praed) and Maid Marian (Judi Trott) make a dash to safety through gothic castle hallways during the opening episodes of Robin of Sherwood. Below: The style in which Nottingham Castle is depicted in any interpretation of the legend of Robin Hood makes an important contribution to the production as a whole. Here Michael Praed dashes towards Castle Bamburgh, situated on the edge of the North Sea, in Northumberland. Note the use of coloured filters to enhance the mystical, Pagan elements of the series.

Above: Walt Disney's Castle designed and painted on glass for all round family entertainment in The Story of Robin Hood. Below: The limited budget of Hammer Horror films were used to great effect, encouraging much location shooting rather than studios. Here Robin Hood, disguised as a minstrel, approaches the rear of Bodium Castle, East Sussex, in Men of Sherwood. The film itself was shot largely in the neighbouring county of Berkshire.

Above: Will Scarlett (Douglas Mitchell, left), was already a firm friend of Robin before he took over the band of outlaws in Challenge for Robin Hood. Alan-a-Dale (Eric Flynn, right), took some convincing. Eric Flynn was the most aggressive Alan-a-Dale to date. Below: When an older Robin Hood returned from the Crusades in Robin and Marian he found only Friar Tuck (Ronnie Barker) and Will Scarlet (Denholm Elliot), still living in Sherwood Forest.

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