Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Patricia Driscoll reprises her Marian role in Into the Labyrinth (1980)

Patricia Driscoll reprised her role as Maid Marian in the 1980 / 82 children’s TV series “Into the Labyrinth”. Essentially a story about three children travelling through time in search for an object of “limitless power”, one of the episodes sees them encounter an aged Robin of Loxley (Tony Wright), his wife Marian (Patricia Driscoll), and the Sheriff of Nottingham (Conrad Phillips). Driscoll was the most successful TV Maid Marian ever for her part in the long running 1950’s "Adventures of Robin Hood" (see this link), and 1980’s audiences would have instantly recognised her. Indeed, the only reason for this brief post is the long lasting affection in which she is held amongst many Robin Hood fans.

For more pictures and information on Patricia Driscoll as Maid Marian in the 1950's see THIS LINK.

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