Wednesday, November 22, 2006

John Arnatt, the dagger wielding Sheriff of Nottingham.

When John Arnatt took over from Alan Wheatley as the Sheriff of Nottingham in the Adventures of Robin Hood he had the difficult task of replacing an actor who had become a household name. To this day, when people think of the Sheriff of Nottingham, they think of Wheatley with his goatee beard. But Arnatt certainly rose to the challenge and made a superb dagger wielding Sheriff. Here he is distracting Robin hood from his duel by holding a dagger to Maid Marian’s throat. Something Alan Wheatley would never have done!

John Arnatt would also play the role of the Sheriff of Nottingham in Hammer's "Challenge for Robin Hood".
Too see where the Sheriff of Nottingham is said to have lived visit THIS LINK. To see his tomb slab visit THIS LINK. For more much Sheriff of Nottingham pictures and info visit THIS LINK.

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