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Robin Hood, the silent movie versions.

Above: Robin Hood (Robert Frazer) fights a duel against an unknown stranger who turns out to be King Richard (Arthur Hollingsworth), in Robin Hood (1912). Below: Maid Marian (Barbara Tennant), Will Scarlet (Charles Hundt), Little John (Guy Oliver), and Alan A dale (George Larkin). See THIS LINK for more pics and film review.

Above: Guy of Gisborne (Paul Dickey), the Earl of Huntingdon / Robin Hood (Douglas Fairbanks), and Lady Marian (Enid Bennett), in the 1922 epic.
Above: Prince John, before an impressive film set. In 1922 Hollywood would actually build such sets for real. On the right is Friar Tuck, played by Willard Louis. For a review of Robin Hood 1922 click here.

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Blogger robin hood said...

Robin Hood 1912.

Robert Frazer - Robin Hood
Barbara Tennant - Maid Marian
Alec B. Francis - Sheriff of Nottingham
M.E. Hannefy - Friar Tuck
Guy Oliver - Little John
George Larkin - Alan-A-Dale
Charles Hundt - Will Scarlet
John Troyano - Much
Arthur Hollingsworth - Richard the Lion-Hearted
Lamar Johnstone - Guy de Gisbourne

Robin Hood 1922

Douglas Fairbanks : Earl of Huntingdon / Robin Hood
Wallace Beery : King Richard the Lion-Hearted
Sam De Grasse : Prince John
Enid Bennett : Lady Marian Fitzwalter
Paul Dickey : Sir Guy of Gisbourne
William Lowery : The High Sheriff of Nottingham
Willard Louis : Friar Tuck
Alan Hale : The Squire / Little John
Bud Geary : Will Scarlett
Lloyd Talman : Allan-a-Dale

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