Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Hammer Films of Robin Hood.

Hammer Films made four Robin Hood films of variable but entertaining quality. However, the dark style of Hammer will always ensure them a loyal audience. Above: David Warbeck as Robin Hood in the gritty "Wolfshead" (1969), made by London Weekend television and purchased by Hammer.
Men of Sherwood Forest saw Robin Hood and his Merry Men use a dark cave for their base of operations.
Will Scarlet faces the Sherif of Nottingham's dungeons in A Challenge For Robin Hood.
Robin Hood gives Maid Marian a passionate kiss in Sword of Sherwood Forest.
Oliver Reed made a brief yet powerful and villianous appearance in Sword of Sherwood Forest.
Maid Marian is seriously injured in A Challenge For Robin Hood.
Robin Hood and Will Scarlet on the Hammer Horror style gallows in Challenge for Robin Hood.

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