Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Alan A Dale, outlaw of Sherwood Forest

Alan A'Dale was an accomplished balladeer, able to provide humorous comment on the news of the day, or even embellish the many stories about Robin Hood himself as they sprang up across Nottinghamshire. He has become almost inextricably confused with Will Scarlet in many versions of the Robin Hood story, but they were two entirely different characters. Alan A Dale was not the best of archers or swordsmen, but his skills as a woodsman, trapping and hunting, were highly valued. He could also deliver a sentimental folk song around the camp fire to outlaws who were a long way from their sweethearts.
Above left: Elton Hayes as Alan A'Dale was central to the structure of the Walt Disney film The Story of Robin Hood, his musical appearances being used to move the plot along in much the style of an Olde English ballad. Above right: Alan A'Dale (John Schlesinger) makes his first appearance in television's The Adventures of Robin Hood, the early series of which would always be introduced with a ballad in the same manner.
Hear Alan A Dale sing! on THIS LINK.
For more information about Alan A Dale (Alan A'Dale) follow this link. To see where Alan A Dale met Robin hood in Papplewick, see THIS LINK.

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