Saturday, May 13, 2006

Robin Hood meets Little John

Above: Robin Hood Prince of Thieves. Below: Wolfshead.
Robin Hood and his fight with Little John on a bridge in Sherwood Forest is well known and documented on my main Robin Hood website. However, in the Robin of Sherwood television series (above) the encounter is given a brand new refreshing twist. In this version Little John (Clive Mantle) is under the spell of the evil sorcerer Baron De Belleme (Anthony Valentine), and is on a mission to kill Robin (Michael Praed). But Robin breaks the curse by removing the pentagon from Little John's skin, and thereafter Little John joins his band of outlaws. Below: Two more pictures which give a more traditional version of the tale from The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938) and The Story of Robin Hood (1952).
Below: In "Beyond Sherwood Forest" it is Marian in disguise who challenges Robin Hood on the bridge.

For even more pictures of Robin Hood fighting Little John click THIS LINK. For video of the River Leen where Robin and Little John met click THIS LINK.

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